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The Three Best Fall Activities

Don't let the cold hold you back!
These three activities are perfect for the changing seasons.
Go out for a Hike or a Run!
In the summertime, the sun can be great during a run, but it can also slow us down and make us tired more quickly. The cooler air can be that extra push you need to go farther in your walk or kick up the pace! Plus, what's better than the changing fall colors along with your run?! 
Photo by - Josh Hild
Fall Photography!
Fall is a wonderful time to capture the changes that nature is providing us , whether it's in your backyard or finding a forest full of yellow birch trees. The scenery has transformed into a colorful landscape that will change again come wintertime. So pick up that camera or phone already and plan your next adventure! 
Photo by - Maria Shanina
Enjoy Local Attractions!
Many states have fun activities that happen only during the cooler months. From corn mazes to pumpkin patches, bundling up can be rewarding. Many of these places offer food like roasted corn, hot cider, or hot chocolate. Cuddle up with your family or friends and take advantage of these colder months! 
Photo by - Burst on Unsplash
Let the cold be your fuel and the changing colors bring excitement to your explorations and adventures! 
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