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3 Sites and Apps to Find Outdoor Activities Near You

Christopher Burns

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash


3 Sites and Apps to Find Outdoor Activities Near You

If you're like us, you enjoy being in nature whenever possible. But sometimes you get stuck in a rut and feel like there's nothing new to do and nowhere new to go. It can be frustrating feeling "stuck" at home with no real sense of inspiration! Below we introduce you to three sites and apps that can help you unearth outdoor activities near you. Let us know if this list helps, and what things you are doing to get off the couch and out into nature!

1. Use event websites

Websites like Meetup or Eventbrite are great places to discover like-minded outdoor enthusiasts with a wide range of activities. From group hiking, trail restorations, biking excursions, and more, you can always find something you're looking for. Searching on these sites is simple: just enter the type of activity you're looking for and the distance around you or a city nearby.


2. Discover nature around you with an app! 

Sometimes the best trails are the ones closest to you. With the OutBound app, you can discover trails and activities near your exact location. You can also search far and wide! The application gives great recommendations for what you can do right in your own neighborhood and around the world. We personally love this app, especially when we can't decide what to do and need some inspiration!
The outbound app

Photo from The Outbound


3. Look up big outdoor brand event pages

Most large outdoor companies have programs for nature enthusiasts led by teachers or experts in their fields. For example, last year some of us at Elevated Oak signed up for a kayaking day trip through the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Program at one of our local stores. We met up at the specified date and time and were greeted by the LL Bean instructors and a group full of people with all different kayaking skill levels. We learned the basics, then hopped on the water and spent a wonderful day being guided by the instructors. 

You'll find all sorts of events like this with your favorite outdoor brands, featuring a variety of activities and skill levels to meet your wants and needs.


LL Bean Outdoor Discovery schools

In conclusion

Getting outdoors and off the couch can be not only inspiring and a literal breath of fresh air, but a great way to meet other people as well. There are so many excellent reasons to get outside — we hope this list makes it a little bit easier and even more fun to do so!