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Photographer Spotlight: Julia Huber

Photographer Spotlight:  Julia Huber
by Graham Blus
Julia Huber


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Julia, tell us about what you are doing now in the photography and creative space.

Now I mainly focus on my studies (molecular biology) so I don’t do too much in photography. I still go through the pictures I took last year and try to improve myself. My goal for 2019 is to discover and fall in love with new places but also to go back to well-known places to maybe discover a new perspective which I couldn’t see the last time I’ve been there.

Julia, you are based in Austria. Tell us more about how being based there has shaped your photography skills. Did it spark an urge to explore?

The opportunities and the variety of landscapes you can find in Austria are super special. I totally fell in love with the Alps. My parents also played a big part in my development as a landscape photographer. When my brother and I were younger my parents always took us to the mountains. First of all, I was never that pleased by the steep and exhausting ascents but standing on top of the mountains or just discovering a quiet and unique place soon made me fall in love with my home – the Alps.

You have been all over the world. Where is one of your favorite places — local or afar — you have traveled or explored, and why? 

This is a really tough question. I can’t decide between The Lofoten Islands (in Norway) and Scotland. What both locations have in common and what also makes it so special and astonishing for me is the rough and wild nature you can find in both places. Scotland has those incredible green tones, bizarre rock formations, and breathtaking coastlines. Lofoten has those cute red fisher villages and the high mountains that directly are followed by the wild Atlantic Ocean.

You take a lot of aerial photographs. How has being able to photograph from the skies changed the way you see the world?

As you may not know I am a ski jumper so I always had the desire to fly and see the world from above. Owning a drone makes this dream kind of true. You get to see angles of places you could never see from the ground only.

What are your top 3 photographs you have ever taken? Is there a story behind them, and why do you love them?

After an exhausting hike with a lot of luggage, my boyfriend and I spent the night high up in the Austrian Alps and we were so happy to wake up to this view after a cold night in the sleeping bag.

Austrian Alps

This was the first time I witnessed the polar lights. Last February I went to the Lofoten Islands with a bunch of creative heads I met via Instagram. We all waited in the car for the lights to appear. When we finally saw the green lights dancing around in the sky we all went crazy – jumped out of the car, screamed and danced around.

Lofoten Islands

Oh, Scotland – this was probably the craziest road trip my boyfriend and I did so far. We drove all the way up to Scotland with my car, slept 10 nights in the car, saw tons of beautiful places and made so many good memories.


When it comes to life, what is your one piece of advice you would give to somebody else about life or photography?

Be yourself. Everybody is different whether it comes to photography or to the person in general. Don’t try to copy others in order to fit in; be yourself and create something unique to stand out of the crowd.