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Photographer Spotlight: Natasha Minas

Photographer Spotlight: Natasha Minas
By Graham Blus
Natasha, you are going to be a student studying physiotherapy in Australia. What led you to study physiotherapy? Did you grow up in Australia?
I’ve always had an interest in exercise and healthy living, ever since I was in middle school. This interest influenced my choice of studying Kinesiology as my undergrad degree. Throughout my undergrad, I learned so much about how important physical activity is along with the importance of educating people on healthy living and exercise. This is what led me to realize my passion lies in treating people through exercise prescription and intervention. Studying Kinesiology at the University of Toronto has also taught me the importance of movement and the ability our bodies have to heal, as our bodies are one integrated system. As a physiotherapist, I would love to help facilitate this healing process and help people reach their physical goals! I truly have a passion for it and I cannot wait to study in Australia, as they are very well known for their education system in regards to healthcare! And no I am not from Australia; I’m from Toronto, Canada! Although I have always wanted to live in Australia and I am looking forward to being able to study and live there! 
You go on a lot of adventures and love to photograph. How does photography fuel your desire to explore and travel?
Yes, I definitely try to go on a lot of adventures! Honestly, seeing other photographers capture such beautiful photos in places all around the world really inspires me to travel and also see these beautiful places and get these stunning shots. I find that a photo can spark so much emotion, inspiration, and appreciation for the world, and I want to take photographs that do just this. And I absolutely love when my photos inspire people to travel to a particular place because I think it is so important to travel and explore our world! I also have naturally always had that itch to travel and a serious case of wanderlust, so this paired with my love of taking photos definitely fuels my adventures.
Where are some of the favorite places you have or want to photograph? 
I have traveled to 25 countries, mostly in Europe. On my first big Europe trip, I had no idea how to photograph well or edit (although I am still learning now and nowhere near where I want to be)! So there are many places in Europe I would love to go back to so I can get those photographs, like Italy, Greece, and France. Although some of my favourite places to photograph have been Slovenia, Hawaii, and Alberta. The nature is absolutely stunning in all of these places. Especially in Slovenia, it is so under-rated but I can say with confidence it is one of my favourite countries I have been to. It is absolutely stunning and the people are incredibly kind! I want to start photographing and capturing different cultures, so I would love to go to Morocco, India, and Israel (specifically Petra, Jordan). Of course, I am also incredibly excited to start photographing Australia once I am living there!
Do you have a favorite photograph that you are really proud of? Or a few if there are more than one?
This is tough! I would say the ones below are some of my favourites. 
My friend and I saw a photo of this church in Slovenia on Instagram actually and we thought it was beautiful! We thought we knew where it was and ended up driving to a random church up this hill on this small windy gravel road, it was beautiful but it wasn’t THE church. Then on our drive back to our hostel we actually ended up driving right by THE church! We got so excited; it was dusk at this point so we decided to come back the next day. We came back as a storm was rolling in but we got this shot. I love how small and picturesque the church is compared to large rolling green hills and mountains in the back. And it was an adventure to get this shot, which is always fun!
Lake Louise
This shot here is Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta. I was just there a few weeks ago and when we first got to the lake the water wasn’t very blue and it was cloudy. We decided to take a walk around the lake and we came to this viewpoint where the water was just absolutely stunning and the sun was peaking from the mountain, it was perfect.
This shot was taken in Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. I was interested in photography at this point but not to the extent I am now. Although this was just a quick shot taken on my iPhone, I still love it because it just captured a time of pure bliss for me. I was so happy in Hawaii, it is such a beautiful place and the people are lovely. This also shows the culture in Hawaii well I think, people come to surf and spend time on the beautiful beaches and I love how this photo captures that. 
If you had to give one piece of advice to live by, what would it be? 
Honestly, I have two pieces of advice, they are very equally tied in my mind.
First one: “Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.”
Second one: “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all. The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom or time to do it later.” 
These two pieces are tied I believe, essentially I think it is so important to really remember what is beautiful in life: love, family, friendship, and our planet itself. We only have one life; one shot in this world, and it is important to live the life that makes you happy and do what makes you happy and fulfills you. You don’t want to get to the end of your life and have all these ‘what ifs’ or regrets. Take every opportunity you can. Make mistakes. Travel. Live life to the fullest. And do not take life for granted, tomorrow is not guaranteed.
What are you most excited about in the next 5 years of your life? Could be anything, school, family, traveling.
I am most excited to just live life!! As cheesy as that sounds. I am excited to live in a new country on the other side of the world, I am SO excited that in 5 years I will be a practicing physiotherapist, I am excited to travel more, I am excited to live completely on my own, I am excited to see my younger siblings grow and evolve into the people they are meant to be. I’m excited for a lot of things, to be honest, and none of them are guaranteed but nonetheless, I am excited to see where life takes me. 
Thank you again to Natasha for being apart of our Photographer Spotlight! Follow Natasha on her Instagram below!