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Photographer Spotlight: Jamie Fenn

Photographer Spotlight: Jamie Fenn
By Graham Blus
Jamie, you are a multi-talented creative type. What led you to photography and film?
     Since I was in kindergarten I’ve always had the natural talent for anything involving art. I was so fortunate to grow up in a community where I was surrounded with a diverse set of influences. Everything from the seasonally changing landscapes to the local and international art that comes through on a daily basis. I eventually started traveling and meeting new people from around the world and didn’t have a way to document my experiences in a professional way. I eventually bought a point and shoot camera, started building and flying FPV drones, and of course, I made plenty of mistakes at first, but since then I’ve been slowly learning to master my craft. 

You also have your own YouTube channel. How has YouTube allowed you to reach out to others in the community? What is your goal with the channel? 
      I have been able to able to learn from so many people and channels on YouTube. The quality of information is priceless. My goal with my channel is to showcase my experiences with videos and to educate others with tutorials and product reviews so that they can become better at what they are passionate about.  
Do you have a favorite photograph or video that you are really proud of?

What is a tip you may have for somebody who is just starting photography or filming?
      Get the best equipment you can afford and learn everything about it. Go through every menu and every button and figure out what it does. Practice using your equipment in all situations at every time of the day and shoot as much as you can. With today's technology, you can go out and snap hundreds of photos and hours of film. Take it home, dissect what you shot for the day, learn what works and what doesn’t work, and do it all over again. That way, when the time comes and you only have a few minutes to get the shot you want, you can nail it instead of trying to figure out how to adjust your camera. Practice practice practice.
Where are some of the favorite places you have or want to photograph or capture on video? 
     One of the most amazing places I’ve been was to Nusa Penida, Bali in Indonesia. And for places I want to go - I’d love to see all seven continents :D
If you had to give one piece of advice to live by what would it be? 
     Don't be afraid to take advantage of opportunities but also be aware of the ones you may not want to take. Trust your intuition and be true to yourself.