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Photographer Spotlight: Vinícius Henrique

Vinícius, you are an Urban and Nature Photographer from Brazil. Tell us more about your work, and what inspired you to start doing photography?

I always had a camera at home, so since childhood I was in touch with photography. At the beginning of 2018 I decided that I would dedicate myself more to photography. I've always enjoyed trekking so I thought about photographing some landscapes that I found near home or in my city. That's when it all started.
Your photography takes you on some amazing experiences. Where are some of your favorite places you have experienced and photographed?
The city I live in is inland, so I quickly photographed almost everything and ran out of photos to post. That's when I realized that I would have to expand to other places. I had the idea of trying to get to know at least one new country a year. I started with Chile, Atacama Desert. It was the coolest experience of my life. I was able to climb to the crater of an active volcano, 5600 meters high. And recently I came back from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. On the way back I went through Mexico too.
Are there any places you have yet to discover or travel to that you can't wait to experience? 
Yes for sure! There are many places I want to know! I really want to know the United States, Japan, New Zealand and Norway. I believe these countries have a lot to offer culturally and I would love to be able to photograph all of this. My father lived in New Zealand for a while, so I want to visit there too. Their adventure tourism is quite attractive.
Do you have a favorite photograph that you are really proud of? Or a few if there's more than one?
Yes, to be honest many!! The pictures I took in the Atacama Desert in Chile are very important to me. It was my first international trip, but besides that, you can photograph wildlife in their natural habitat, and the huge number of active and inactive volcanoes is very special. The photos I took in Amsterdam are also very important as it is totally different from Chile. I went from desert landscapes to totally urban landscapes full of people, cars, bikes, and many other things.
What's the one thing that you learned that has helped your photography skills that you wish you knew sooner?
I believe that after I learned how to edit my photos, they had a great leap in quality. The photo never appears on camera as you were seeing it. You need to make some adjustments to make it more attractive. After I learned how to edit I took old photos to edit and had a surprise! Photos I never used because I didn't think they were good were extremely beautiful after editing. The finishing and post-production part makes a big difference!
Where do you see you and your photography going in the next few years?
My photos have already appeared in some places, on great Instagram profiles, on UK sites, CD covers in the United States, and Germany ... And now I'm having the opportunity to appear on Elevated Oak! As I do not work with photography, I consider myself an amateur photographer; I only do it for love! So where my photography is, for me this is already special! I don't have a set goal, I just hope that people can find it useful and I am very grateful for all that. Photography has changed my life and if I can change someone's life with it, I will be very happy!!
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